Purbeck Pixels make professional, affordable and sustainable websites with WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s leading web software and content management system. It is free, open source, easy to use, future-proof and flexible, giving you the freedom to build any kind of website you want, from simple websites with a handful of pages, to complex online shops, enterprise websites and web apps. WordPress is limited only by your imagination.

We specialize in WordPress website design and development. We also provide a number of other WordPress services, including theme customization, maintenance and updates, backups, security scanning and uptime monitoring, performance optimization and managed hosting. We are located on the Isle of Purbeck, in Dorset, UK, and love working with both local and remote clients.

WordPress Services

Design and Development

We use the latest development techniques to make websites that are sustainable, easy to manage, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, secure and fast.

Maintenance, Updates and Backups

Regular maintenance is essential to keep WordPress websites running smoothly and securely. Ensuring that core files, themes and plugins are up to date is a time consuming process and one which many users find daunting. Our WordPress maintenance and update service provides ongoing support leaving you to do what you do best – run your business.

Security Scanning and Uptime Monitoring

WordPress’s popularity makes it an attractive target for malicious hackers. Our WordPress maintenance and update service also includes regular security scanning and uptime monitoring to ensure your website is safe and online.